Practice, practice, practice – November 2016

The title of this post is the answer to that old joke, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Well, as proud as we are of our kids, this is one of the things they that do best!  And it has paid off.  Harrison joined the Eastlake Choir this year, after being involved in the Blackwell choir for two years, but then couldn’t part-take in the middle school choir because of his Quest block classes conflicted with the choir class.   Fortunately, for him, this year they have earned a spot to sing at Carnegie Hall and he will travel with the choir in March 2017 to do that!

In the meantime, in May 2016, Heather received a nomination to sing in an honors choir at Carnegie Hall.  She had to submit an audition .mp3 plus a choir director’s reference. We had her record two songs, she had to sing in Italian, and submitted them with her application.   It was a very long process, and she finally got word this week, that she was accepted to the Women’s Honors choir, and she will be singing at Carnegie Hall in February!   It’s all very exciting!

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