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In 1995, I decided to ‘give back’ instead of ‘giving up’ something for Lent.  I started writing a newsletter to my family and friends.  Since I moved from Massachusetts across the country to Seattle, lots has transpired, and after meeting my husband and having 3 kids (in under 4 years)  it’s been 16 years writing our Northwest Update newsletter to our family and friends.  After our 50th issue in hardcopy, in January of 2011, we have decided to go online. 

In 2000, we wanted to take the newsletter online, and even though I was currently developing websites, the technology wasn’t there for what we wanted to do.  In the meantime, life was just busy.  But now we are making the time, and hoping that even our children will be blogging with us.

Throughout the website I have dubbed myself as “The Original Blogger”, because our Northwest Update newsletter would go out periodically throughout the year, not just a Christmas newsletter.  Originally, I created a 1-page, once a month newsletter and sent it out to about 50 people.  As time grew on, friendships were made and families grew, so did our mailing list of close to 200 people.  The newsletter went to 4, sometimes 6 pages and went out 2 to 4 times a year. 

We hope this newsletter-blog finds you well from our house to yours!

—Judy, “The Original Blogger”

6 Responses to About The Northwest Update

  1. Brian Staples says:

    Hey Judy – glad to see you up online here. Thanks for doing all the years of Northwest Update. We’ve always looked forward to receiving the envelope in the mail. Now, I’ll add this site to my favorites and subscribe to the RSS feed (and catch you on Facebook :-).

  2. Hey man I just wanted to stop by and say i love reading your website.

  3. Your website has really inspired me to change my way of writing. I really appreciate your hard work.

  4. Jim Naze says:

    You must have some pretty crazy going out through your blogs – parts of your site are blocked for me when I try to access them at work. Now I may never know how you really feel about the Muppets. Dangit!

    Drove by Navin Rink the other day, made me think about how we met – happy days!
    Peace & love in 2012 to you and your clan.

  5. Daniel says:

    Hello Harrison!

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