Christmas Tree Selection – December 1, 2016

Family Christmas Tree selection 2016

This is the family photo we get from the “grandpa” guy working working the Christmas tree lot! I’m glad I insisted that we all were there. (BTW-Harrison is to my left)

December 1, 2016 – When did this happen?  It’s already December and looking at extremely busy weeks prior to Christmas.  Birthdays, 5 performances of A Christmas Carol, Yulefest choir concert, secret Santa, Harrison’s 15th birthday, cast party plus several holiday parties and get togethers.    It’s great to be alive!

So, last night I insisted that everyone put homework aside for two hours and come out and pick out a tree.  I promised dinner out and then tree searching and home by 8:00pm.  We were right on track, and at our new go-to Christmas tree lot, selected a gorgeous tree (within minutes) and was checking out since of arrival at the lot.   No problem, we’ll be home by 8:00pm I thought!

However, it probably took 40 minutes to tie the tree to the car, because the elderly gentlemen, owner, who is absolutely fabulous — obviously farms out the tree-tying down part to his grandsons during the weekends, when we usually come.

Once the tree was tied down — and it didn’t move a centimeter during the whole ride home — we finally got home closer to 9:00pm, to much grief from three tired kids, who still had to do homework.

img_6287 img_6285 img_6284

High school kids

High school kids


It’s a big tree.

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