The Keyser Kids’ 2016 Performance Videos

You can view all of Holly’s performances from drums to guitar to dance to Talent Show to drama on my youTube channel, click here.   A triple threat!

Look for “Holly’s performances” under Created Playlists, and select it to view her videos of beating the drums to Back in Black to her first ever guitar recital, and this year’s piano recital to all of her dances.

Select “Harrison’s performances” under Created Playlists, to see Harrison’s piano recital and a selected few scenes from the plays he was in this past year: Shrek Jr. the Musical (performing Pinocchio) and Willy Wonka Jr. (cast as Grandpa Joe) [still needs to be uploaded] or Shermy in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, the musical.

As you would expect, select “Heather’s performances” for all of Heather’s stuff!

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