Italy Tour Videos – July 6 – 16, 2016

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Of course, the choirs singing at the 5 o’clock mass at St. Peter’s Bascialla was the highlight of the tour, but this is video is one of my favorites, and most memorable of the Italy tour.

Heather soloing at Chiesa Santa Maria della Scala, Piazza della Scala, Rome. The church was beautiful and massive. The lights in the background are huge chandleliers, just to give you a perspective.  The choir sang to a packed church with many people standing in the back just to listen.  The camera was knocked by the conductor, who motioned to Heather to step forward to sing her solo, as he stepped aside.  The choir was so solid in this piece, he did not need to conduct!
The choir singing City Called Heaven (Spiritual) arr. J. Poelinitz

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