Heather’s fantastic year – 2014

What can I say about Heather and the fabulous 2014 year she has had:

February 23rd at Benaroya Hall the Concert Choir.  The Concert Choir is opening for the Concordia Choir.  The website states this about Concordia: “The 76-voice CONCORDIA CHOIR has performed in Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center. Its 2010 recording session with The King’s Singers and its Emmy Award-winning, nationally broadcast Concordia Christmas concerts highlight the choir’s world-class quality. Dr. René Clausen, composer and Concordia Choir conductor, has written more than 100 commissioned works, including all pieces on the 2013 Grammy Award-winning recording,Life and Breath.”

This was a very exciting opportunity – both because of the choir that they were opening for, and because of the location:  “Benaroya Hall” is the premier performance center in Seattle; Washington state!   

Read more about Singing at Benaroya Hall and McCaw Hall

This is Heather’s second year playing guitar and had her first recital at a local coffee shop where she covered, Joan Jett’s I love Rock ‘n Roll.   She also played it at RSAR’s middle school talent show, where she closed the show.  But first, the guitar strap fell off during her performance and the guitar, which is too heavy for her to handle with one hand, slipped.  She stopped her song, right in the middle of it, bent down, fixed the strap, picked up her pick and then said, “Okay,” into the mic.  Everyone applauded and then she went right on without skipping a note to the next line in the song.  A great example of grace under pressure.  Plus, she allowed us to put it on Greg’s facebook page to share.

In March 2014, Heather was selected to be a WE Day reporter with Microsoft Youth Sparks group.  In addition to earning her way into WE Day with RSAR, and Heather’s efforts on a global and local project – Heather got to report on all of the WE Day happenings while it was happening!  MicrosoftCitizenShip gave her a phone and she uploaded pictures and tweeted away the WE Day as @WEDayReporter24   !!!

Selfie with Spencer West

Selfie with Spencer West

Edward Norton - I hated math!

Edward Norton – I hated math!

Pete Carroll - Congrats on the win!!!

Pete Carroll – Congrats on the win!!!








Cody Simpson - Pretty Brown Eyes

Cody Simpson – Pretty Brown Eyes


















In the month of May 2014, she was selected by her teachers as a co-speaker to give her class a farewell graduation speech, with one of her classmates.  We put that on youTube.

Heather landed one of the lead roles in Fame, Jr. for her school Performing Arts (PA)class.  This PA class puts on a play or show every year, where the entire school participates.  Heather was cast as Serena Katz, who has a love interest, Nick, played by her choir friend and 7th grade classmate, Ben Staggs.  The play was cast in February and the school put the play on in June 2014.  Watch and listen to Heather sing, “A Love Song.”

Heather was cast as the lead in OZ! as Dorothy.  She sang these two amazing songs, the classic Over the Rainbow, and the show’s finale song, Going Home, which in this recording she sings all 3 parts: the duet and chorus.  Click on the links to hear the recordings:



Fab 5 - hooked arms Frightened group





IMG_4468 IMG_4709
















In December 2014, Heather’s soccer team won the WA State Rec Cup for Girls Under 15 division.   Watch the video/slideshow recap 

to see Heather score two goals and help bring her team to victory!

IMG_6535 IMG_6536_cropped Eastlake Wizards 2014 Rec Cup State Champions - IMG_6593 IMG_6542 2-1 in penalty shots IMG_6432 Eastlake Thunder BU15 and Eastlake Wizards GU15  2014 Rec State Champions - IMG_6608




Judy @MHS Soccer 1982 – I posted side-by-side photos on fb























Heather in Red State Final game 
December 2014
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