Heather’s choir at Benaroya and McCall Hall 2014

This 30th year of the Columbia Choirs was the first time in history that the choir sang at both Benaroya Hall and McCall Hall in the same season.

In February, The Concordia Choir of Minnesota toured to Seattle and had mass choirs with the Bel Canto and Cantible choirs. 

Click here for a short rehearsal of Bel Canto at Benaroya Hall, Seattle.

The 76-voice CONCORDIA CHOIR has performed in Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center. Its 2010 recording session with The King’s Singers and its Emmy Award-winning, nationally broadcast Concordia Christmas concerts highlight the choir’s world-class quality. Dr. René Clausen, composer and Concordia Choir conductor, has written more than 100 commissioned works, including all pieces on the 2013 Grammy Award-winning recording, Life and Breath.

On June 21st, Sangerfest 2014 marked the 125th Anniversary of the Pacific Coast Norwegian Singers’ Male Chorus, featuring The Choppers Brass Quintet and the Columbia Choir Bel Canto choir performing at McCall Hall.

Heather and her choir had to learn a very intricate piece of Norwegian music, Landkjenning, which eventually was sang in a mass choir of Bel Canto and Sangerfest Grand Chorus.  In the end, Heather was presented with a pin, a certificate,  a program, a flower and a candle that had the words of the song imprinted on it.   She said it was a fun concert!

Sangerfest 2014

Pacific Coast Norwegian Singers’ Male Chorus

In between these two events, the Bel Canto and Cantible choirs traveled to Vancouver, BC Canada to participate in the Heritage Music Festival on Memorial Day Weekend.  The choirs traveled by train, participated in the international choir festival, where they had high adjudication standards upon them; listened to other choirs and a wonderful weekend of sight-seeing which included lunch and shopping in Gastown, P.N.E. Playland and The Vancouver Aquarium.

After their performance and their adjudication, the Bel Canto choir won Gold place and given an invitation to a Festival of Gold event, held around the country.  Cantible also won Gold place and received an invitation to sing at the Festival at Carnegie Hall!  With any luck they will take that invitation in 2016-17!

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