From Maine to Virginia, and many points in between – Summer 2013



June 2013 Heather's choir hosting choir from CaliforniaJune 2013 Mass DC trip IMG_6659

June 23, 2013

After hosting 2 choir singers from California and attending Heather’s final concert of the season the night before, we dropped off the singers at their hotel and got ready to board our red eye flight to Massachusetts.

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We touched down in Massachusetts and our first order of business was to drive to Royal Pastry and pick up cannoli and partigini.

June 24, 2013

We did absolutely nothing but sleep our first day away and then got up in time for our friend’s daughter’s softball game; in the evening.  Always fun catching up with the O’Keefe’s.

June 25, 2013

We spent a relaxing afternoon at Memorial Beach in Marlboro – there is also it’s sister beach Centennial Beach in Hudson, just across the way.  But it was at Memorial Beach that I reminisced about cut-off jean shorts, frozen Charleston Chews and swim classes I took there when I was about Holly’s age.   We made sand castles, played Marco Polo and took in the sun on a beautiful and not too windy day.

June 2013 Mass DC trip IMG_6666

June 2013 Mass DC trip IMG_6665

July 2013 Mass DC Maine trip P1130159We managed to eat lobster that night by the generousity of my sister, Brenda, driving down from Canada and picking up a few from someone’s garage in Maine.




June 26th, 2013
We flew down to Washington, D.C.

DC – Day 1

  • Biking the town – the best way to see all of the memorials; was just fantastic!  Here’s our route:

Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial, MLK Jr. Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial and the National War World II Memorial.

Clouds rolled in and the rain began to pour.  Good thing we were done with our ride.

Clouds rolled in and the rain began to pour. Good thing we were done with our ride.








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  • Dinner at District of Pi  Great, loud, family place with award-winning pizza.  Perfect too when a whole glass of water gets spilled on Harrison and he screams.

DC – Day 2

  • Congressional tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing; contact your Congressman through this website for a tour.
  • Lunch at the Ronald Regan Building’s food court.  Not crowded, something for everyone and air conditioned!
  • 10am opening of National Museum of American History, best time to go!
  • The National Archives; just to see the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights housed in the Rotunda.  10 minute wait in a shady line (read: cooler than standing in the sun).
  • The Library of Congress, another scheduled Congressional Tour.  Fascinating building that reminded me of something built in Rome.  With frieze, statues and high painted ceilings.   All of the building was symmetrical with busts, statues and names of scientists, philosophers, artists, lawyers and engineers engraved in the buildings walls and ceilings.   Their website allows you to access information in the building.  A copy of every publication ever written!
  • Metro to National’s baseball game.  When we ascended the tunnel, it was pouring rain; but with a couple of new baseball hats and an umbrella, we broke out the ponchos we had packed with us and raced to the park.  Only to find out that the game was rain delayed.   After some time, some snacks the game got underway.  Fantastic fun.  Some where tired.  Great seats and great entertainment.
  • Back to the hotel for a late swim in the pool.

DC – Day 3

  • Congressional tour of The Capitol; we contacted our Congressman’s office for a tour.
  • Then we crossed the street for a self-guided tour of The Supreme Court.  No lines!
  • Walked to lunch – .9 of a mile, but in the heat and hungry people, made the journey long!
  • Ted’s Bulletin  best lunch and amazing shakes, sandwiches and the kids got brunch food.  Again, something for everyone and even showing black & white tv shows like Popeye, 3 Stooges, Shirley Temple and Lucille Ball snippets.
  • Took the Metro to the National Zoo to see the pandas.  It was very, very hot out, so they were inside.
  • Then we took the Metro to Arlington Cemetery, to squeeze in one more thing, on Greg’s suggestion.  But when we descended from the Metro, people at the top were turning around; it was pouring rain out.  Deluge.   We raced to the visitor’s center, and there, the guide said that the changing of the guard at the Tomb of The Unknown Solider was taking place in 15 minutes.  A 15-minute walk from the visitor’s center.So, we started our hike up to the Tomb; by now, it was just a light rain.  As we walked, in the humidity, a huge thunder clap happened right above our heads, scared the beegeezes out of us!As we laughed, and some of us were pretty scared, the skies zipped open and dumped flooding waters over us.  We trudged on.   Made it to our destination, and watched the changing of the guard; a very surreal event.After the ceremony, we turned away from the Tomb, but instead of descending back to the visitor’s center, and Mom continued to drag the family to the JFK Gravesite.  (I mean, if we were already there and soaking to our underwear, we were going to see this historical gravesite too!    Picture Chevy Chase in Vacation, arms around family for as long as he says, “Grand Canyon – okay, let’s go.”)
  • After leaving Arlington Cemetery, and an extremely wet Metro ride back to the hotel.  Greg was so kind to pick up Chinese food dinner and we ate in the hotel.
  • The kids went swimming again — I was too pruned to go.
  • Later that night, Heather heard on the news that the amount of rainfall was the 3rd largest in the history of the city!

DC – Day 4

  • Greg picked up rental car at 6:00am from airport; and came back to pick the rest of us up from the hotel, using Nokia Beta Drive+ app on his phone.
  • Then we drove 4 ½ hours in traffic to Williamsburg, VA (should only be a 2 hour drive).
  • We visited historic Colonial Williamsburg, VA.  The kids said best part with the carriage ride; I think it was cool and restful!
  • We also participated in the RevQuest, which allowed the kids to do a scavenger hunt.  We toured the Governor’s palace, saw one of the taverns and spoke with the milliner and shoemaker in their shops.
  • Had dinner at The King’s Arm Tavern.  We had to make dinner reservations, which I did at the town’s info center, as soon as we arrived.
  • After an amazing and filling dinner, we drove back to DC, packed up and flew back to Mass at 6:00am the next morning.

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July 3rd, 2013 

We drove to Kittery, ME to meet our long-time friend, Greg Kelleher and his daughter, who is Holly’s age.

  • Lunch at Chauncey Creek Lobster Peir  BYOB.
  • Kayaked and canoed on the Chauncey Creek Inlet until 7:00pm.  It was so gorgeous out!
  • Without dinner, drove to Portsmouth, NH for fireworks – had ice cream (for dinner?!) and then was just in time for an awesome fireworks show!!!  Portsmouth — you do it right!  It was fabulous!
  • Stopped for some quick food and then back to Greg Kelleher’s house to meet up with Bettina and some socializing!  Bed for the kids.

4th of July, 2013

  • Greg, Holly, Harrison and I took a drive to York, ME to see the Nubble Lighthouse.   Bettina took Heather and her daughter kayaking.
  • We picked up some “Off the dock Lobsters” for that night’s dinner!
  • We had lunch from The FireFly Diner at the Kelleher’s.
  • Then back to Mass for 4th of July fireworks (on tv) – we took the kids a few years ago to see the fireworks in Boston, but not this year.
  • Enjoyed a lobster dinner!
lobster pots 2013

Lobster pots as high as the sky!









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July 5th, 2013

kimbalsMet up with our friends Kathy and John O’Keefe and their kids at Kimball’s Farm .

After sweating through a round of mini golf and water bumper boats; this year we forgoed the lunch and ice cream there, and opted for lunch at the British Beer Company; air conditioned, perfectly loud for the kids and beer for adults.   Then it was back to home base for an evening to relax.

July 6th, 2013

Miele Family Reunion at the Ben and Patty’s house; swimming pool, magaritias being freshly mixed, tons of food, naked card tricks (what!) and the cousins, cousins, cousins to play with each other.   Heat advisory got basically everyone in the pool at some point…even Aunt Brenda and Grandpa.

The grand finale was Heather on Matt’s guitar, Chris teaching Holly some drum fills, and Harrison playing the piano.

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going homeJuly 7th, 2013

Greg flies home to Sammamish to “open” up the house for the summer.  Retrieved the guinea pigs from their vacation at their cousins home (a friend’s house, pet sitting!)  Judy and the kids relaxed that evening and hung out with the grandfolks.





July 2013 Mass DC Maine trip P1130186July 8th, 2013

Took the kids on a trip to my alma matra, where Holly says she wants to go!

July 9th, 2013

Back to visit Aunt Patty and the boy cousins still in town.  Swimming and lunch, then dinner out with cousin Matt at Papa Gino’s!

P1130620July 10th, 2013 – Heather’s 13th Birthday!

Took our oldest girl out to a PG-13 Movie – Now You See Me and then shopping.
We setup for her birthday party, and all family members attended…Dad was on the phone!

(See pictures of party in gallery above)

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July 11th, 2013

Cruised down to the Cape, between Falmouth and Cotuit, and met up with Greg Kelleher.  Took the kids on his boat for tubing and fishing.  Then dinner at the infamous Whimpy’s in Osterville and ice cream at the Gone Chocolate downtown.  Nothing beats Cape Cod ice cream!  But we were so full!  And with that, I loaded up the very tired kids and drove back to Marlboro.  Another fantastic day in the books!

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July 2013 Mass DC Maine trip IMG_8975July 12th, 2013

With our decision to come back from the Cape early, left us with another day to visit with Aunt Patty, but this time cousin Katherine was back from her mission trip and Uncle Benny was back from his business trip.


drummers 2013

Drummers 2013


July 13th, 2013

Our last full day in Mass. was spent up in Leominster at Aunt Carie and Uncle Dr. Eric, the godfather’s house.  Cousins played with cousins in the pool and in the backyard.  It was very fun!

That afternoon we met up with Aunt Brenda to see the dogs and to get ice cream at Erikison’s.

P1130621July 14th, 2013

Homeward bound.  Our flight was delayed which made it very late when we got in, midnight West coast time, but it was 3:00am body time.   Reminder: take early morning flight – the afternoon flights are always delayed…especially with rainstorms.

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