First Day of School – 2013

It’s the beginning of a new school year, and I say, “WHAAAAA!”

1st Day of 8th, 6th and 4th.  3 different schools.

1st Day of 8th, 6th and 4th. 3 different schools.

I want the kids to be here.  School brings me paperwork, them homework (that neither of us want to do) and lots of busy work for all of us.  Plus, it’s running around to activities — I am already missing SUMMER vacation.



The kids, on the other hand, are ready to see their friends and are anxious for another year of learning.

Harrison got his full-time QUEST schedule this morning and was put into Art I instead of Choir as his elective, that’s what he’s worried about…having Art as an elective.

Heather is off to her choice middle school; she looked very cute this morning, our big 8th grader.  In a couple of weeks, the two of us and the entire school will be away at Outdoor Ed/Camp for a team building event that is supposed to give the 8th graders leadership training; BTW-I’m co-directing the camp as a parent volunteer.  Been working on this since last September, so I hope it all goes well; especially between me and our teenager!

Holly has a brand new teacher, is doing Safety Patrol, is playing the drums and continues to play the piano, is signed up for Cello, soccer, running club and dance.  When the other two were in 3rd grade, I put a limit on activities — Holly seems to be ramping up.  We’ll see the fall out this year and will reset everything for 5th grade next year.

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Or click here for more images of Keyser Kids in 1st, K and pre-school and in 2012.

1,2,3 look at me!

Heather, 1st Day of 1st Grade; Harrison – Kinder; Holly – preschool.

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