G by 5 – Kumon achievement

August 15, 2013, Redmond, WA – In a few weeks Harrison will be entering 6th grade, middle school, and he reached his goal of passing the G by 5 test in Kumon Reading. He put 8 years of Kumon work to the test and completing section AI to FII, and then took the test and passed as level 1.

The test allotted time is 30 minutes, Harrison completed the test in 18, and received a 95% grade.  That’s how he reached level 1 status, because of his speediness of completion and the high score.  He will receive a gold star award from the Kumon office, and be placed on the international list of award winners.

In May 2012, Harrison took the test and pass G by 5 for Math.

Harrison gets G by 5 - August 15 2013

Harrison gets G by 5 – August 15 2013

Harrison amazes us every day with his knowledge, love for learning, goal setting and achievements!   Congratulations!



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