Bumper Boats at Kimble’s Farm

About 2, maybe even 3 years ago, we met up with the O’Keefe’s and Alverez’s at Kimble’s Farm for mini golf, bumper boats, lunch and ice cream.  We had such a blast, we wanted to take the family again, and this time Aunt Brenda joined us.

Our trip started out by going to the wrong Kimble’s…Brenda took us to the one in Lancaster, only spitting distance from Eric’s house in Leominster!   Whoops!

With a quick turn around, we were back in Westford.   We split of the 6 of us to do mini golf.  One course a little easier for the young ones, and myself!   I got a hole in 1!  Brenda, Greg and Heather took the other route.    Upon our late arrival, it was already busy, so we skipped ahead of a group of 6 people –>  too many to have in one group people, come on people!

We finished up and met up for lunch, then bumper boats.  Food was awesome, ice cream amazing!  Greg did not lose his sunglasses during the bumper boats this time!



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