Wizard101 Epic Pet

I was playing Wizard101 this morning and a wizard looked at my stats.  He challenged me to beat Sunken City solo.  Sunken City takes about 30 min. to and hour if your in a team of three or 4,  it takes about an hour if your in a pair, and it takes about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours to complete solo.   I accepted this challenge and he watched as I duled the most difficult bosses that you could imagine.  When you finish a duel you get gold and XP.  You can also get clothing, regeants, pet snacks etc.  Sometimes when you’re fighting bosses though you get extra cool stuff like exclusive clothing, decks, rare regeants etc.  So I was fighting the last boss in Suken City, which is probably the hardest boss you could fight until like level 35 (I am currently level 21)  He had 2 minions which had about as much health as a regular boss.  So I defeated him and his 2 minions (which took about a half hour itself) and I got a Blue Cat Thug pet which is about the rarest pet you can get.  I was stunned.  The problem is, I already have an epic pet which is exlusive to fire wizards, a Firebat.  It gave me 8% resistance to fire (which is great for a pet) and 5% accuracy to fire (which is good for a pet)  I thought about training my new Blue Cat Thug (which is so new I don’t even know the name of it) and then mating it with my Firebat.  But I wanted my
Firebat to mate with my Brave Hound (which is another epicly rare pet which I got from a myth boss) because my Brave Hound gives me a healing spell.  Then I had a genuine idea of mating my Firebat with my Blue Cat Thug, and then have thier baby mate with my Brave Hound and then train the baby of the Brave hound and the baby.  Then, all of the genes would be in that final baby and I would be able to use that one while dueling.  Though that plan would probably take a year or two because it is extremely hard to train your pets.  Hopefully the talents (which are things that your pet helps you with) of the pet will be something like

1. Fire Shot: %5 Fire Accuracy

2. Fire-Proof: %8 Fire Resistance

3. Spritely:  May cast Sprite Spell

4. Health Gift:  +34 MAX Health

5. Feint: May cast Feint Spell

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