February 29, 2016 – Leap Day

The last day of February 2016 was a LEAP Day; the last day for my birthday month celebration, is always planned far in advance.

For the past 3 years I have dedicated the last day of February to my high school friend, Brian Snook.  Brian, my age,  died 3 years ago in February, of a rare mass cell disease.  Prior to that, through Facebook, we were able to reconnect and have great phone conversations to catch up with each other since our high school days (read Ode to Brian Snook – 2013).

Being able to see life through Brian’s eyes, even when he was sick; he was childishly happy, and so sincere and sweet.  Since Brian’s death it has made me realize that there are only precious moments and time on this earth.  To use every minute up to it’s potential; spare no moment to say, “I love you”, hug a friend or call your parents.

I have lost many friends over the years: Patricia L. (illness in high school), Allison *** (suicide in college), Anthony B. (car accident in college), “Cory” W. (cancer after college), to name only a few.  All of these friends died too young, under the age of 30.  I often think and pray about all of them, and others who I have known and lost, and their families.

These are the thoughts that push me forward to thoroughly enjoy “my birthday month” of coffee talks, lunches, movie dates, pedicures and facials spent with friends who live close by.  I had immense fun and a wicked special week with my younger brother who came to visit with his whole family this month.  The time spent together are memories we all will cherish for a lifetime!

I want to add Facebook to my Grato list for today.  I am grateful for Facebook because it has allowed my friends far away to also celebrate my “birthday month” with me.  I hope to inspire you to celebrate your birthdays a little more.   I am thankful that you all are in my life, my friends and family.   Happy Leap Day!

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