A new year, a new month – January 2016

If you have every read my newsletter, you know I am traditionalistic; lots of things our family does repeat year after year; not just in the matter of religion or holidays but in our daily and weekly lives.  Come to dinner on a Monday, we’ll have chicken; Tuesday – Tacos; Sunday, we’ll have raviolis with my grandmother’s sauce – another tradition: good Italian cooking.

So in this new year, I am continuing the tradition of resolutions.  I am borrowing from something I used to suggest to the kids to do just during the summer: Try Something New.  Taking a page from Lisa Halbert, this will be my last year of my 40’s – so I am going to do new things, each month.  I may write about them, I may not.  But I want to be enlightened this last year of my 40’s.   New foods, new places, new events.    Sort of breaking from the traditional “things” I usually do…but keeping up with the traditions as well, and maybe making new ones.

Usually, I come up with my New Year’s Resolutions the first week of January.  This month it took me all month to figure out what I wanted to do this year.

New this month:  I tweet more.  I am finding that Twitter is keeping me up to date with the latest trends and I like that.

I also am trying a new style in clothes and a new way to shop for them by StitchFix.  A “personal shopper”, who doesn’t know me, sends 5 random items in a box, at my specified time (every month, every other month, etc).   What I like, I keep (and pay for), what I don’t like, I send back.  It’s “Amazon” simple; especially for someone who doesn’t want to spend time shopping.  So far, I like it.   Can’t wait for my next box!

If you would like to try it yourself, click here to be referred by Judy

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