School and activities ramp up – October 2015

October 2015 –
No sooner does school start, so do the invites to the Homecoming Dance.  There’s tweets and video blogs of how boys are asking girls to the dance.  But what we learned from TOLO was, the pre-activities were more fun than the actual dance; so this group decided to rent a party bus, have dinner and ride over to Seattle for pictures and a ride on the Big Wheel.  Heather and Kamilha basically organized everything and it all went off without a hitch.  Fun night by all!


Do you think there is any way we can get a group picture?


All in girls!

IMG_3184: Keyser's backyard non-homecoming night

9 couples and 1 party bus. We hosted the meeting spot for pre-dinner pictures. The kids did not attend homecoming, but opted for dinner and a party bus ride into Seattle and rode the Big Wheel.


Ice Cream Social – co-hosted by Holly’s 6th grade troop and a 4th grade troop.


Holly, off to her first RSAR school dance.








Holly had a busy month of her own: tried out and made the EHS Jr. Dance Team and made cuts!

She started projects with the Girls Scouts for WE DAY and hosted the girl scout Unit’s ice cream social.



Holly continues to go to dance classes in ballet and hip hop, but also started musical theatre dance class as well!

Not to be outdone: Harrison MC’ed his boy scout troop’s Court of Honor.  On top of that, Harrison started tap class again and auditioned for two plays, The Happy Elf (December 2015 performance) and Shrek Jr. (January 2016 performance).


Harrison MC’ed his troop’s Court of Honor in October. He created two slide shows that encompassed all of the summer activities, including white water rafting and the troop summer camp.

Seattle Great Wheel - homecoming 2015

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