Harrison stopped by Boston airport security

Getting a family of 5 through security is never easy.  We try to make it easy, but something always goes awry.  Usually, it’s Greg getting pulled aside for ‘random screening’.  I don’t know how ‘random’ it is when healwaysgets selected.

But this time, it wasn’t my bag with the extra shampoo or saline solution that got tossed out for a second look; nor was it the two laptops, or the two Ziploc bags of wires that I was carrying for computers, Kindles or cellphones.   As Greg and I are waiting for our shoes to come through, Harrison’s carryon was getting a second look.

“Manager on Aisle 5,” the guy behind the camera calls out.
“Manager on Aisle 5!”  What is this? A grocery store?

As all of the patrons behind us wait; finally, a TSA officer comes over.    I am wondering:  don’t they have some sort of intercom system, cell phone or wireless technology that when a worker needs a manager, they can call them? Not just yell out to them?  Anyway…

The officer takes Harrison’s bag, and Harrison holding his laptop, is asked: “Excuse me, but do you have a Cannon?”

My mind is racing.  He didn’t pack his camera (a Cannon), did he?  No.  He didn’t.
My next thought is: I don’t know what he packed in the bag.  I really should have looked.

Harrison giggles.  “Oh, my cannon!”  As the guy pulls out of Harrison’s bag, a souvenir cannon he bought at the Minute Man National Park.






Because Harrison didn’t have any cannon balls with it, he was allowed to keep it.

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