Our chance meeting on the ferry to Nantucket

95.1 WXTK Newsradio in Hyannis, Ed Lambert says hello to Holly, Heather & Harrison about 3 minutes into the podcast, Ed mentions the Keyser Kids names and says hello to them and everyone in Seattle.  Again at 7 minutes Ed asks for the picture above.

Judy version of the story:
We were scheduled to take the high-speed ferry, a 1-hour trip, to get to Nantucket on Monday, July 23rd.  We spent the night at the Hyannis Harbor Hotel, so we could easily arrive early for the 9:10am ferry.  Being one of the first to aboard, we were able to get one of the best seats, outside, in the back of the ship.

The little kids (Harrison and Holly) wanted to sit under the canopy, while the rest of us wanted to sit in the sun.  With 5 seats facing each other, Harrison and Holly found themselves next to a young couple, girl sitting next to Harrison and her boyfriend standing, and an older couple, grandparents, sitting across from them.  I had a direct view of the woman, and could see her smiling and talking with the kids.  All I could think was, I hope they aren’t annoying or bothering them.

Just as we took off, Heather wanted to get something from the snack bar, so we worked out a plan that she would sit in the kids seats, while Harrison and Holly went with Greg to get a snack.  When they returned, I noticed Holly and Harrison juggling a drink and a muffin.  Again, my hope was that neither would spill anything.  So, once Heather and Greg returned with my coffee and muffin, I decided to go and sit with Holly.  

Come to find out, Holly had been striking up conversation with her neighbors and was just going to town.  Telling them about our trip from Seattle, how we’re staying with the grandfolks, our recent trip to Bainbridge, and everything in between.  She was cracking them up.   The girl next to me was laughing and just thought Holly was the cutiest.  So, after learning from them that Holly had been talking most of the hour long ferry ride, I asked what they were doing, if they were on vacation, etc.  and come to find out they were “being tourists in our town” and taking a day to Nantucket.

We met Ed Lambert

The gentleman across from us, asks Holly: “Holly, do you get up early in the morning?”  He suggests to her to get up and listen to 95.1 in Hyannis and he will say hello to her and Heather and Harrison.  So, I find this exciting, introduce myself and Greg and we tell the kids will will have to listen.  With that I asked to take a picture to caputre the moment and posted it on my facebook page and here in this post at www.keysers.com

The next morning
After an amazing day/night on Nantucket, we streamed the radio show from my phone (because the place we stayed at didn’t have a clock radio?!!!) And through a thunderstorm, the phone cut out, so we caught most of it.  However, the link above is to the full podcast on WXTK’s website.  We do have video/audio of the event as we listened live…but it currently is too large to post here. 

Like my mom always said, “You never know who you’ll meet, so always try to make a good first impression.”  I think Holly did just that.

Actual podcast link at 95wxtk.com:   http://podcast.95wxtk.com/wxtk2/3575600.mp3

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