The Best Mother’s Day – ever (2011)

Sunday, May 8, 2011 was Mother’s Day.  I usually don’t find this day any more of a day to celebrate me as a mom, until this year.

First, Greg told the kids not to bother me in the morning and let me sleep in.  Wow.  I woke, slightly disappointed that I wasn’t greeted with happy faces of the little ones; but it was truly amazing getting out of bed when I wanted to and not because I had to.  Okay, it was 8:00am.  I took a shower, uninterrupted.  Finally, the first of the three emerges, it’s Holly, showered, dressed beautifully in a dress and hair combed and pulled back.  Wow!  Next, steps in Heather, also in a beautiful dress and hair primped and brushed.   Harrison finally makes a showing with his 1st Holy Communion pants (which fortunately fit from last year, because he’s just so skinny) and a white button down and navy jacket.   Who are these kids???

We were out the door for brunch at 9:30am at the Bellevue Hilton.  We’ve been to this brunch over the last 10 years (since Heather’s baptism) but this was the first time I wasn’t a “runner”.   Yeah, Mother’s Day brunch the last several years, basically was either me or Greg running back and forth from the table getting items for the little ones.  Not very relaxing and I never felt like we (Greg and I)  saw each other during this beautiful brunch.

2011 Mother’s Day Brunch Menu

•Pan Seared Cajun Salmon and Ahi Tuna with Poblano Chipotle Aioli 
•Assorted Seafood Nigiri and Rolls with Pickled Ginger and Wasabi 
•Northwest Smoked Alder wood and Smoked Salmon Lox 
•Peel and Eat Shrimp, Pan Fried Oysters and Steamed Manila Clams 
•Seafood Cioppino with fresh Halibut, Salmon, Scallops and Shrimp 
•Cooked to order Omelets & Belgium Waffles 
•Slow Roasted Prime Rib, Carved Roasted Turkey Breast & Honey Glazed Ham 
•Flaky Croissants, Bear Claws, Fruit Danish, Muffins, Assorted Breads & Rolls 
•Heirloom Tomato and English Cucumber Salad 
•Northwest Seafood Pasta Salad 
•Mixed Greens with Mission Figs, Goat Cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette 
•Grilled Marinated Wild Mushroom and Artichoke Salad 
•Gourmet Imported and Domestic Cheeses and Antipasti Platter 
•Fluffy Scrambled Eggs, Creamy Scallop Potatoes & Wild Rice Pilaf 
•Cinnamon Roll French Toast with Maple Syrup and Powdered Sugar 
•Hickory Smoked Bacon, Turkey Sausage & Spicy Pork Sausage 
•Grilled Salmon Filet with Provencal Sauce 
•Seared Chicken Breast with Roasted Red Pepper-Artichoke Sauce 
•Shrimp & Spinach Stuffed Manicotti with Mascarpone Cheese Sauce 
•Steamed Asparagus Spears, Baby Carrots and Grilled Mixed Squash 
•Desserts to include French Pastries with Espresso Eclairs & Tiramisu, 
Chocolate Diamonds, Berry and Caramel Nut Tartlets 
•Assorted Cookie Bars & Assorted Gourmet Cookies 
•Assorted Ice Cream Bars, Cones, and Sandwiches 
•Plus our Famous Chocolate Fountain Dessert Buffet**** 
•Selection of Tully’s Coffee and Tea 
•Complimentary Mimosa’s and Fresh Juice 
Adults: $44.95 Children 6 –1 2 Years: $19.95 Children under 5: Free 
Reservations suggested. Brunch hours Sunday May 8th 9:30am – 2:30pm. 
Please call 425.455.1300. View our menus at 

After brunch, we quickly changed out of our clothes and put on backyard duds, and we were onto gardening.  The kids had last Friday off, and they helped me pick out some beautiful geraniums, marigolds, petunias, fuchsia’s, herbs and other wild flowers for the hanging pots, garden and yard.  Everyone participated in beautifying the garden around our house and by 3:30pm I was sitting on the couch working my way through Battlestar Galactica episodes on the XBOX with Netflix.  It was the best day EVER!




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