A month of Thank You’s

When Heather was in 8th grade (2012-13), I volunteered to manage and organize the entire school’s outdoor ed experience;  the first night was 8th grade leadership event; I work with them on their promotion ceremony (for 15 weeks) and their legacy project, a where they made hand-blown glass orbs to display in the classrooms.  I chaperoned field trips, took their class pictures and we hosted the end of the year “water” party (balloons, hot tub) in our backyard.  Some friends even stay over the night.

I received beautiful thank you notes from the students.  I have been enjoying re-reading them, one at a time, each day during the month of February (2015).  I want to do something special with them, but for now, I am scanning them and posting them on the blog.

Click on the image to view details.

Abi's thank you card

I happened to open this one on Valentine’s Day. The zantangled art form is one of my favorites, and I love the way the artist wrote each of the things I did for them in the smaller hearts. A self portrait tells me who it is from!

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