The Lorax

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Poster

Rating: Worth my time
See it: IMAX 3D @PACSCI, in theaters March 2 2012 (Dr. Seuss’ birthday)

Danny DeVito is a sweet Lorax who is “the keeper of the trees.”. Honestly, of all the Dr. Seuss books we owned as kids, this one was not in our library.  In fact, I bought an app on the Kindle Fire (highly recommend Dr. Seuss apps for children when you get tired of them playing Doodle Jump and Angry Birds.)

The movie weaves in and out of the basics of the Seuss book, that nature is delicate and how big business will destroy it unless someone cares…

It is woven with a Diary of a Wimpy Kid feel, of the hero, Ted (voice over by Zac Effron) trying to get the girl (voiceover by Taylor Swift), has to beat the villian and needs the Onceler’s help.

Beautifully done.  Fun to watch in 3D.

Afterwards, ask your children:
What was your favorite character?  What was your favorite quote?

Our 7-year old Holly said, “When The Lorax as playing cards with his friends.  He said, ‘I’m playing poker, he’s playing go fish and I think he is hungry.'”

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