The Woman in Black

Rating: Worth my time
See it: Select theaters, March 2012

I had to check out Daniel Radcliff’s latest film, Woman in Black, a suspenseful thriller.

I did find myself, scared and jumpy during some parts of the movie, but was disappointed with some of the lines, when Radcliffe asks, “But, I don’t understand?”  All that line needed was “Professor” and it reminded me too much like something Harry Potter would say.

I usually don’t watch suspense/ghosts/horror movies.  My favorite of these would be The Sixth Sense, I cannot recall anything that I have seen since worth suggesting.  Is this movie is as good as that?  No.  I wish there was more dialog, the ending, a little predictable, but did bring a tear to my eye.

I will continue to support Daniel Radcliffe endevors, and think this was a wise choice for Radcliffe’s first feature film after HP.


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