Dinner Tonight – Chicken Adobe – Filiopino style

It’s been a tough week.  Harrison spent the 2 1/2 days sick with the flu and ended up at the emergency room with a 105 degree temperature.  I hadn’t slept very well either and with a late night visit to the medical center and then an early morning doctor’s appointment, I am pretty beat myself.  But with three other people in the family who are healthy and want dinner tonight before the Pinewood Derby, what’s a mom to do?

Real Simple to the rescue.  While waiting at the doctor’s office I picked up the latest copy and found a great recipe.  This isn’t the hot and spicy adobe you may know, its actually a sweet version with fall off the bone chicken.  I substituted legs for thighs.   But it can’t get any easier than toss all ingredients in the crock pot, put chicken on top, sprinkle with paprika and let it cook all day.   I’m not really a crock-pot type of cook, but after a long week, I don’t feel like cooking and cleaning the kitchen for dinner. 

A quick snap shot of the recipe with my Windows 7 phone gave me the recipe (and I didn’t have to tear out the page from the doctor’s magazine.)

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  1. Holly says:

    yummy yum yum sounds good P.S. I’m getting hungry
    grumble grumble

    Love, Holly

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