New adventures: New driver in the house – August 2015

HeathHeather driveser has started driving this week…where’s the parent manual for that?

Last month she turned 15, last week we went to the DOL to get her learner’s permit.

I mean, I’ve been driving for 32 years, gone through having 3 babies in the car (distractions beyond words: catering to cries, music requests, snacks, tissues, etc.), to my share of speeding tickets, car accidents: from several fender benders (my own and my teenage friends) to wrecked: turned-over-the-car-on-the-highway-we-were-lucky-we-weren’t-killed accident. It’s very scary for me.  Nerve racking.

Plus, trying to build the confidence up of this young driver (and me!) It’s hard teaching when it comes second nature at this point, and that has lead me to over-thinking my driving.  It has NOT been a restful summer.

However, with that said, it is fun (and demanding) to have an enthusiastic learner and a child who is anxious to drive.   Having Heather learn now, in the summer, while she’s young and we can teach her and tell her to go through the checklist: put your phone away, seatbelt on, check your mirrors, break release/break pedal and put it in drive….all is work, but we’re working to make a great adult driver.

By the way, Greg has taken her out on more hours driving than I have.  He’s a great driver, and nerves of steel.

God speed.

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