Twin Falls Hike


Know before you go:  check out must have’s before you go

The hike of the week written by the Sammamish Review, was our choice hike on Sunday.  We packed up the camelbaks packs with waters and lunch and headed off to a fantastic hike. 

Before meeting Greg, some 16 years ago, I used to make day hikes my weekend activity; so I couldn’t recall if I had done this hike before, until we reached the bridge platform at the falls.   It was a wonderous sight.  Lots of families and dogs on this trail.   We forged ahead to hike to the top, which the family found uneventful, because there wasn’t a lookout or anything.   Holly and I were raising the Mission Accomplished flag, but in hind sight my blistered feet would have turned back after reaching the falls.  (wore too thick of socks for my hiking boots).   The round trip to the top, past the falls and where the trail meets up with a road (that is part of the John Wayne trail), with a lunch break, was three hours. 

You’ll first see the falls from afar; have a seat on the bench. 

Travel down and across the way to actually reach the falls.  

When you see the falls, and a long stairway down — go for the stairs, you won’t regret this.  It’s an amazing sight of the falls!   Afterwards, climb back up the stairs and turn right to go to the bridge, you’ll be above the first waterfall and will see a smaller one from the bridge.

Cross the bridge; have lunch before turning back (recommended).  I’m estimating doing it this way to be a 2-hour hike.

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