Ice Skating with Holly

Holly joined Daisies this year and its something that she is enjoying very much.  Our social kid loves getting together with her friends, and each month the group does an activity as well as a meeting.  In January, the troop leaders organized a trip to the outdoor ice skating rink in Bellevue, as part of Bellevue’s Magic Season.  The outdoor rink is semi-inclosed, and provides a wonderful experience for the novice skater.  I did not post pictures of the other GS, however, if your daughter was there and you want to me to post more photos, add a comment and let me know!  I have wonderful pictures of the kids enjoying their snacks and crashing!

Bellevue’s Magic Season


Maintaining control.


2nd time this winter Holly has been ice skating


Sacha Cohen?

Ice Skating with Daisy Troop

January 8, 2011


Hotties not needed, unseasonable warm day for an outside rink.


Navigating crowd.
Bellevue’s Magic Season

Bellevue’s Magic Season  

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