Skyfall (December 2012)

Skyfall Poster

Rating: Worth my time
See It: in theaters now, December 2012

Hmmm.  Whenever I watch a Bond movie, I always go in thinking that I need to watch it like I am a 7 year old girl in the 70’s.   Threat of nuclear war, spies, US v. Russia.

What I cannot seem to remember is that during the time when GoldenEye was released, in 1995, six years after License to Kill, the writers made Bond a washed-up, we-don’t-need-spies-anymore because of the Cold War.  So, when they keep coming back to that type of story line, I seem to wish for a 007 of yesteryear.

However, Bond is younger and more handsome than EVER, played by gorgeous blue-eyed Daniel Craig.  And that’s why I will watch this movie again and again.  M is still the same M.  But different actors/actresses surround the two main characters.

Casino Royale (2006), Craig’s first Bond role, is by far my favorite of his three 007 films; learning about his one true love, but Skyfall brings it all back to his roots and we discover a little more about Bond’s character and why he is the way he is.

The movie action packed at times, creative and with a twist; worth my time and I will watch it again on DVD/stream.


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