The Big Year

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Rating: Worth my time, sort of
See it: now in theaters, Fall 2011 or wait until dvd

In this situation, it was worth my time, as I was out on a date night with Greg and limited by our babysitters hours, and we had a choice of movies playing at 7:30pm:  The Three Musketteers or the remake of Footloose.

I had not seen the reviews for this movie, so I was going in blind, but we did see the trailers and it did looked decent.  My favorite parts were taken in the Pacific Northwest of the ferry and also when they traveled to Alaska.    A typical “Father of the Bride” Steve Martin with a “School House Rock” character Jack Black go up against mean, old Owen Wilson character.  It was sort of interesting, about competitve bird watching, but after the wine flight at sip in Issaquah, some of the birds Greg and I were watching were behind the eye lids.

Yes, we were in the movie theater, but for this couple with three kids and a non-action packed movie like The Big Year; by the way, if I don’t say, The Big Year enough in this review, you won’t know what movie you saw, because they say it too many times during the movie, I think for the same reason I am writing about — if you happen to take a quick cat nap during the flick, when you wake up someone on the screen will remind you, you are seeing or having a Big Year.

I am sure this will be one of those repeated TBS movies real soon, like Miss Congeniality or Maid in Manhattan.

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