My Weekend by Holly

My Weekend by Holly Keyser, 1st grader, 6 3/4

Although I enjoy school, there are several reasons why I enjoy the weekend even more.
One cool, thing was that I went to Microsoft.  I went to Mircosoft to fix the XBOX.  Because Hulu Plus is not ready to ship yet.
In addition, I had a play date with two friends: Maranda and Julia.
First we played Twister.  Then my mom droves us to the park for my brother’s lacrosse practice and we played at the park. Antother thing was on Saturday, I went to DQ.  My brother ordered mint Oreo, I ordered vanilla.   My Dad taught me how to make a dome with my ice cream.
Certinly I think school is terrific, but as you can see the weekend is the best.

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